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 Your Servant in the Lord,
Dr. Kenneth Cloud, Director of Missions



Our churches choosing to unite together and support one another to be
Healthy Kingdom Churches through Ministry, Evangelism, Discipleship,
Mission giving and going to the uttermost parts of the world.



"There is no promotion above the will of God"

Evang. Junior Hill


Director of Missions . . . . . .

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

What a great and mighty God we serve. John, said that “he that was from above was above all.” There is nothing going on that is superior to our Lord. We, as the children of God, should 
never have to say, “What will we do?” God has it all in control. We are not of this world but of God’s world. We are living in a spiritual kingdom and not an earthly kingdom as we walk with the Lord. However, if you are trying to hold on to this world, you will always battle discouragement, dismay, and walk in darkness. Many Christians are living defeated lives because they are trying to hold on to this world. The Bible says in I John, to “love not the world neither the things that are in the world”. Thank God that we have been set free from this world.

As we begin this New Year, I hope you are praying for souls to be saved. We are living in a world of lostness and darkness. People around us have no hope as many of them do not know our Savior. Many churches never have converts as they are not expecting converts. We must sow the seed of the gospel in order to have a harvest. Are you a seed carrier or a seed planter? Because we have Jesus in our hearts, we always have the seed with us. If we are not sharing the news that Jesus saves, then we are carriers and not planters. Someone said to me one time that they didn’t believe in talking about Jesus but just living it. Could it be that we are afraid to share because we know if we do that the people we know will believe us to be the hypocrites that they think we already are? If we are walking in the Light as Jesus is in the light then we will not be afraid to share it.

Please continue to pray for the outreach of Bowen Association. Please note and share that the new hours of the Alpha Pregnancy Center are from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Tuesday and 
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Wednesday. We believe this will increase the opportunity for more people who work or are in school to come by the center. Please continue to pray for this ministry and for volunteers to help staff the center. This is a ministry that we partner with Sherwood Baptist in Albany.

The Bowen Association has also began holding regular services at Riverside Assisted Living in Bainbridge each week on Tuesday @ 9a.m. Please pray for the men who will be sharing in this ministry. The Bowen Association is also helping to sponsor a new ministry called “My 85” with Susan Lanier as the director. This ministry will be reaching out to mothers in the community to help them with language skills and how to be better mothers plus share the Gospel as the opportunity arises. Please pray as this is being developed and will be starting soon. We will share more about this later.

Also, be praying for Brenda as she has resumed her Bible Studies with the Harvest House of Hope. She has been doing this over 3 years now. This is a ministry reaching out to  women who are having battles with drugs and alcohol. Ms. Sissy Franklin is the director of this ministry. God has greatly blessed this ministry and several have been saved. Recently 3 were baptized at Eldorendo Baptist Church.

I praise the Lord for the opportunities that God is giving us in Southwest Georgia to reach out to the lost. Please pray that God would raise up laborers to gather in the harvest for the fields are “white unto harvest”.

Please continue to pray for me and Brenda as we serve with you. We appreciate all the prayers for Brenda with her health issues and please continue to pray for her as she still has some problems. We love you folks and thank God for you all!

Your servants in the Lord,
Ken and Brenda Cloud


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   November 2018   
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