September 2019   
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The Shepherd!
Ps. 23:1  
    I. The Priority of the  Shepherd:
       “The” is a type of adjective that says this is the only one!  There is no other Shepherd!
            A. The Good Shepherd laid down his life for the Sheep – Ps. 22; John 10:11
            B. The Great Shepherd provides for his sheep – Ps. 23
            C. The Glorious Shepherd gathers his sheep
    II. The Position of the  Shepherd!
        The “Lord”
            A. The Lord of hosts
            B. The Lord over the hordes
            C. The Lord that is Holy
    III. The Permanence of the Shepherd!
        The Lord “is” -  This verb shows that the Lord does not change!
         Note: “The Lord is what he was; he was what he is: and he is what he shall be”
            A. His Personage never changes
            B. His Power never changes
            C. His Promises never changes
    IV. The Possession by the Shepherd!
          “MY” shepherd
            A. I am recognized by the Shepherd –John 10:27
            B. I am retained by the Shepherd – John 10:28-29
            C. I am replenished by the Shepherd – Ps. 23
    V. The Provision by the Shepherd!
         “I shall not want”
          A. He satisfies me spiritually!
          B. He satisfies me mentally!
          C. He satisfies me physically!
      “He supplies all my needs”
By Dr. Ken Cloud